A hot afternoon in the BAJA DEUTSCHLAND

With minutes and seconds of difference between the fastest teams it promises to be a hot afternoon in the Baja Deutschland. Matthias Behringer/Marty van den Oever take the lead in the truck ranking with navigation specialist Stefan Henken as codriver, with only 7 minutes lead over Breslau winners Tom Heuer and Tobias Henschel. Rick Aarts meets his familiar opponents from the Dutch Championship and last years’ winner Ronald Schoolderman and Balkan Offroad Rallye winner Frank Stensky – driving together in a group, chasing each other and pushing until the limit – as there is no clear leader the one who is the most clever will win.

Hans Andekerk is the fastest SSV with his Polaris Turbo. He is surprised when he sees the results in the Side by side class: ‘We drove very careful, in a relaxed pace. It is my first rally and I never expected to have the first place. So many people broke down on the stage, we were not the fastest vehicle. I called my friends at home last night to see what we should do in the service, as with this ranking we don’t want to make a mistake or burn a belt at the last moment!’

Racing the Baja is about navigation, about reaching the end in one go. The Heidenreich team is here again with their new Hummer which performed flawlessly in the Balkan Offroad Rallye and which makes great results here as well, beating Steffen Braun by 7:33min. With these differences in time it will be a hot afternoon for everyone. When do you attack, when do you slow down, and who makes the first mistake?