Baja Deutschland: An era is coming to an end …

This sad news were also surprising us: The Baja Deutschland will unfortunately not take place despite eager plannings and new ideas for this year´s edition! We all knew that this will happen one day … but now? Yes. Unfortunately.

For 2018, the planning was already underway, new ideas should be incorporated and we all were in a good mood to offer you a great 2018 edition! However, our plans can no longer be realized, as the mining company, which was providing us our rallyarea, is expanding its production.

New conveyor systems, electricity-lines and water pipes will be installed, which will cross our route so unfavorably that we just have no available space anymore to offer you the kind and length of stages you are expecting and waiting for. Furthermore, the operation-times of the mining company extends during the weekend so that our time slots will be too short to held the stages like you and we want to have it.

To say it easy, there is no space and time anymore for this kind of event and therefore we have decided to quit. All attempts to find other solutions or compromises have failed, also because of the economic prerequisites and environmental requirements and laws.

It´s very sad to say Good Bye! For 10 years, in the near of Leipzig and middle of Germany, a off-road rally format was settled, unique in its kind not only in Germany, even in Europe. In some years we had over 300 motorcycle-, car-, quad-, SSV- and trucks-participants starting and fighting under very different conditions from snow to mud, heat and cold, dust or even a storm – and no matter how the conditions were, we always managed to keep the race alive.

We deeply say Thank You to the participants, organization-members, sponsors, the owner of the rallyarea MIBRAG and fans of the event, who have given us this unique opportunity for 10 years. It was a wonderful time with you … THANK YOU! Now it is time to look forward and find new ways.

Wherever a door closes, often a new one opens, and so we are looking forward in the rally-future! In cooperation with the “Breslau Rally Poland” we will present a new event: The “BRESLAU 500 RACE”! At the end of June, we will reinterpret the previous Baja Germany format and present a new 3-day format together with the Rallye Breslau during their first weekend – tailored to our format, with an experienced and well-known organization and “motorsport at its finest”! We would be happy if you will follow us!

More information will be announced shortly.

We thank you for your many years of loyalty and great years in motorsport with you.