A solution to combine limited time with maximum fun: The Breslau 500!

After the success of the possibility to participate only in the first two days of the Rallye Breslau in 2017 and the cancellation of the famous “Baja Deutschland”, both, the Organization of Rallye Breslau and 4×4 Club Leipzig, had the …
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Baja Deutschland: An era is coming to an end …

This sad news were also surprising us: The Baja Deutschland will unfortunately not take place despite eager plannings and new ideas for this year´s edition! We all knew that this will happen one day … but now? Yes. Unfortunately. For …
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ONLINE-PRESS ACCREDITATION » Please make yourself familiar with the Press Regulations. By filling in the online application you agree with the terms in the Regulations. The term of applications ends on 28.09.2017. Applications after this date will not be accepted. …
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PROGRAM: BAJA DEUTSCHLAND 06.10.2017 – 08.10.2017

Date Time Description Place  Wednesday, 04.10.17  from 14:00 Opening Camp  Thursday, 05.10.17  08:00 – 17:00  Administrative check  Camp 10:00 – 19:00  Fitting of GPS tracker and Scrutineering  Camp tba on the Board  First Aid Training  Medical Area tba on the …
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We are happy to announce the dates for Baja Deutschland 2017! After a fantastic summer we will close the season for 2017 with our own “Octoberfest”
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We close the online-nomination

Late entries and changes are possible in the Race Office. Registration opens on Thursday, 10/22/2015 from 17:00 clock.

We look forward to you.
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liability renunciation of the vehicle

Dear Participant!

To all participants who are not the holder of the competitive vehicle: We need with registration in the Orga office…
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Dear participants of BAJA Deutschland,
Due to species and natural law matters, a new situation has come up with the early spring this year for the first time.
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The countdown is running – Our ORGA office will move to the event area

Dear friends and participants of BAJA DEUTSCHLAND,
The countdown is running! In a few days starts BAJA DEUTSCHLAND 2014 with a strong competitors field.
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THINK OFFROAD! – Say goodbye to BAJA300 Mitteldeutschland and welcome BAJA DEUTSCHLAND!

More than 10 years ago began the history of the BAJA’s in Germany with the BAJA DEUTSCHLAND! The success as pioneer of a F.I.A. Event was moderate and therefore this promising name was buried in oblivion.
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