The BAJA DEUTSCHLAND is a licence-free event for Enduros, Quads, Side-by-Sides, four-by-fours and off-road trucks. The rally consists of 4 special stages designed as a roadbook course. The time needed for the special stages in combination with navigation skills between the single check-points (CP) will decide between victory and defeat.

The motto is: 3 days of fun and sports combined with the possibility to go off-road. Togetherness and fairness are the most important elements of this event. In the special stages it is not only the perfect car that makes the difference. Also the interaction between the driver and the navigator as well as a good understanding of the road book, the compass or the GPS are as important as a bit of luck in order to find the right track.
The event is carried out on dirt roads only, that lead through an active opencast mining. The instructions of the road book have strictly to be followed as dangerous edges, conveyer mechanisms and power lines do occur. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the opencast mining.

Furthermore we have to appeal to the discipline of all parties concerned and refer to the compliance of the site rules. A further existence of the event and the allowance to use the area of the opencast mining will only be possible in future if no claims will be raised against thirds – especially the owner of the site.

It is up to us!

Due to the limited space available in the camp we have to limit the number of service vehicles per participant. For Motorbikes and Quads 1 service vehicle is allowed whereas 2 service vehicles are allowed for Side-by-Sides, Four-by-fours and Off-road trucks. In case you are travelling with more service vehicles there will be a parking area available opposite to the camp.

Further accommodation options can be found at www.stadt-hohenmoelsen.de oder http://www.stadt-pegau.de
More information will follow soon.