The participants (applicant, driver, front-seat passenger, owner of the vehicle and the holder of the vehicle) participate in the event at own risk. They shall bear full responsibility under civil and criminal law for all damage caused by the vehicle used by them, insofar as exclusion of liability has not been agreed to terms of this waiver of liability declaration:

The Participant (applicant, driver and front-seat passenger) declares the wavering of all claims for any kind of damage, which occurs in the context of the event and this over and against:

  1. the Organiser, his officials and helpers, visitors and spectators
  2. public authorities, route officials/marshals, land owners, tenants or users and all other persons who are connected with the organisation of the event
  3. the road maintenance authorities, to the extent that the damage has been caused by the condition of the roads together with their accessories, to be used for the event
  4. as also the supporting personnel and representatives of all the above named persons and authorities
  5. the other participants (applicant, driver, passenger) their helpers, the owners and the holders of other vehicles
  6. the own driver, front-seat passenger, passenger and own helper (specifically worded agreements between these persons will have overruling force)

Exceptions to this are damages resulting in death, physical injury or to health, which result from an intentional or a serious negligence of obligations – including those of a statutory representative or a vicarious agent, of the group of persons released from duty – and other damages arising from an intentional or a serious negligence of obligations – also on the part of a statutory representative or a vicarious agent, of the of the group of persons released from duty.

The exclusion of liability takes effect for all participants with the delivery of the registration. The liability waiver applies to claims resulting from any legal cause, in particular to indemnity claims resulting from contractual or non-contractual liability, and to claims resulting from actions that were not permissible. Any tacit liability exclusions will remain unaffected by the aforementioned liability exclusion clause.

MANDATORY FIELD (please fill in)

  • The Participant provides the assurance that s/he is the owner of the competition vehicle.
  • The Participant is not the owner of the competition vehicle.

Insofar as the Participant is not her/himself the owner of the of the competition vehicle, s/he must ensure that the vehicle owner also signs this waiver of liability declaration and grants permission for vehicle use.

In the event that this declaration is not signed by the vehicle owner contrary to the obligation, the Participant shall release all the persons and authorities named under digits 1 to 6 from any claims of the vehicle owner, except in cases of intentional or seriously negligent damage. This exemption also applies to all claims against other participants (applicant, driver and front-seat passenger), their aides, the owners of other vehicles, their own applicant, their own driver, front-seat passenger and their own helpers concerning damage caused during the event, whether in the attaining of the highest speeds competition events or in the practice warm-ups, and to all claims against third parties arising in connection with the event.

The Participant releases all medical doctors who provide treatment for her/him from the medical obligation of confidentiality over and against the responsible officials at the event.