Particular Safety Instructions BAJA DEUTSCHLAND

In the case of third party liability claims of the applicant, driver, the holder and the owner of the vehicle, any personal injury that results from serious negligence only shall be insured (not damage to property) by the Organiser’s third party liability insurance policy. The Participant undertakes to also inform the owner of the vehicle used in such cases.

Service vehicles used by the Participant are not included in the Organiser’s insurance policy and remain the full responsibility of their holder and driver (even in cases where they are specially marked by the Organiser).

All Participants are called upon to check the conditions for the liability insurance for competition vehicles participating in BAJA DEUTSCHLAND.

Note: BAJA DEUTSCHLAND represents active participation in a motor sport competition, in which achievement of the highest speeds is aimed at. In such cases insurance brokers usually refuse to provide car third party liability insurance (car liability insurance, comprehensive and passenger accident insurance). The facts constituting an exclusion for the insurer are: “participation at a driver event is excluded from insurance cover.” And thus no insurance cover is provided for personal injury/damage to property in the scope of the motor vehicle insurance policy.

The Participants acknowledge the special level of risk represented by a motor sport event and also the special liability regulations for BAJA DEUTSCHLAND. The Organisers recommend that the Participants check whether they have adequate insurance cover for the risks connected with the event, in particular in regard to accident, medical care and third party liability, and where appropriate they should obtain additional insurance policy coverage.

The Participant declares that s/he has no knowledge of suffering any personal health conditions including nervous disorders and mental disorders. BAJA DEUTSCHLAND has the right to refuse you from further participation in the event when you are under the influence of drugs, alcohol or of powerful pharmaceuticals or psycho pharmaceuticals or similar substances, or if you use a heart pace-maker, or have heart and circulation problems or spinal problems. A good physical condition is an essential requirement for participation in BAJA DEUTSCHLAND. The Participant undertakes the obligation to inform the Organiser of any long-term health problems and diseases (e.g. diabetes, allergies) from which s/he may suffer.

All the competition vehicles must be in a thoroughly operational condition and meet the road safety requirements. The Participant provides the assurance that the competition vehicle complies with the German road traffic regulations (STVZO).

The Participant is aware that insurance cover is only provided for unexpected damage events by the Organiser’s Motor sport car third party liability insurance policy, Wilful damage to the landscape – e.g.: as a result of leaving the official course, environmental damage etc. – is not covered.

Caution: it is possible that other vehicles may cross the course and also that event participants may drive counter to the direction of travel. Special care and attention must be paid to spectators, route markers and other persons during the timed trial. The entire event will be held in an active open-cast lignite coal mine. There are thus dangerous sharp landscape corners, large-scale conveyor lines and important electricity and other utility supply lines to be encountered. The route as given in the road book must thus be followed without fail and electricity cables/water pipes and other supply lines must not be driven over. Furthermore we must once again make an appeal in the strongest terms for the discipline of all the participants (participant/service personnel etc.) and request that the event rules are strictly maintained. Smoking is prohibited in the entire open-cast mine area. The use of this facility is only possible when no danger or damage is caused to third parties, in particular to the facility proprietor.